54 x 72 Shower Curtain

Have a hard time finding a shower curtain with the right size? Perhaps a 54 x 72 Shower Curtain is what you are looking for. There are many products available on the market with that size, but if you are also looking for shower curtains with awesome design or pattern, check this following items..

54 x 72 Shower Curtain

54 X 72 Shower Curtain

Ufaitheart Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain
100% polyester.
Color: white, blue, and navy.
Style: chevron pattern.
Rustproof metal grommets.
No liner needed. Used in the bathroom or home decoration.
Water-Repellent, Anti-Bacterial, heavy-duty, and Mildew Resistant.

54 X 72 Shower Curtain

Ufaitheart Rome’s Life Pattern Shower Curtain
10 rustproof metal grommets.
(137cm by 183cm) 54-Inch by 72-Inch.
Multi Color: blue, gold, grey, taupe, beige, green
Material: 100% polyester fabric.
No liner needed. Mildew Resistant, Water-Repellent, heavy-duty, and Anti-Bacterial.
8 plastic shower curtain rings.
X-long: 72 inch long shower curtain.

54 X 72 Shower Curtain

Ufaitheart Magnolia Flower Pattern
Multi Color – Brown Stems, Blue Background, White Magnolia Flowers, Gold Leaves.
10 rustproof metal grommets.
54-Inch by 72-Inch.
Made of 100% polyester fabric.
Mildew Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Water-Repellent, and heavy-duty.
10 plastic shower curtain rings.